Brian's has won awards for his photographs, been published and exhibited domestically and internationally.  Recently, in 2021, his work were part of a group exhibition at the Carribean Museum for the Arts, St. Croix.  

His largest gallery group show featured 12 of his photographs at the Archangel Gallery, Palm Springs.  Out of hundred of photographs submitted, Brian's work was selected for a group exhibition at the WUHO Gallery, Los Angeles.  He was awarded first place for his portfolio of 10 images in a vetted show at the LUXE Gallery, San Diego, and also won 1st and 2nd place at the Del Mar Photo Exhibition.  He has been featured several times at through the Duncan Miller Gallery, Los Angeles.

Brian started his career in New York City as a Creative Director, working at major advertising agencies.  He evolved the look of Estée Lauder world-wide, managed the creative vision of L’Oréal USA cosmetics and spearheaded rebranding Maybelline’s image in the US and abroad.  He has been responsible for preeminent campaigns appearing globally in television and print.  He has worked with world renowned photographers, who inspire him today, as well as directors, super models and celebrities.

Brian exhibits throughout Southern California and abroad, his fine art photographs are being acquired by collectors.

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